Monroe RideSense

Monroe RideSense

This changes everything...

Electronic suspension for direct-fit replacement of OE shock absorbers

Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense™ shock absorbers feature the same technology that revolutionised OE ride control and is used by several leading global vehicle manufacturers. This impressive technology continually adapts shock compression and rebound forces to changes in the driving environment within just 10 milliseconds, resulting in exceptional grip, manoeuvrability and ride quality under all road and driving conditions.

Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense™ - the benefits

  • Improved tyre-to-road contact on uneven surfaces and in the wet, providing the driver with extra confidence – and safety – in challenging conditions
  • Improved control during lane changes and cornering, and dramatically reduced oscillations when avoiding obstacles
  • A safer, more dynamic, more controlled, more comfortable and more enjoyable driving experience
  • Proven capability with a track record of success
  • Flexibility, control, comfort and improved safety in one inspiring package
  • A solution for every driver, every car and every road
  • Designed with the latest technology available
  • Capable of continually adapting compression and rebound forces to the driving conditions, giving excellent grip and manoeuvrability at all times
  • The fastest electronic shock absorber on the market, reacting to any change in the driving conditions (speed, road surface, bends etc) 100 times every second
  • Simply one of the best electronic shock absorbers ever to be manufactured

Monroe RideSense

Product overview

Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense™ shock absorbers are fitted as standard to some vehicles and as an option to others. Replacement with new Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense™ shock absorbers from the aftermarket will restore the ride to original performance levels.
Unlike passive suspension which has a single, fixed damper setting, Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense™ shock absorbers adapt in real time to changing road and driving conditions for a better ride experience. When quick driver reactions are required, such as in an obstacle avoidance manoeuvre, Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense™ automatically prioritises vehicle handling for enhanced safety.
This level of performance is only achieved by leveraging our OE design capability and quality control, meaning that our OE and aftermarket Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense™ shock absorbers are exactly the same.

Monroe RideSense overview

Product specifications

Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense™ shock absorbers are controlled by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which processes vehicle and sensor inputs like steering wheel angle, acceleration, speed, brake pressure and body displacement to independently adjust the damping level of each shock absorber.

Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense™ shock absorbers utilise a triple tube damper design with one externally mounted active hydraulic valve. The ECU decides the correct force that needs to be applied to each damper based on the input from the various sensors and then tells each Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense™ valve to prevent or allow oil flow within the damper. This happens 100 times every second, during both compression and rebound, providing precise, near-instant, full control over the damping forces to be applied in each of the shock absorbers at all times.

This type of advanced suspension system can allow the driver to select a preferred driving style (eg comfort or sport/dynamic settings).
In the unlikely event of any damper or the electronic system being damaged, a malfunction signal will appear on the vehicle instrument panel. At the same time, each of the dampers will go into Fail Safe Mode, continuing to safely work as standard shock absorbers until the problem is fixed in the workshop.

The product and technology is proven on over 40 different vehicle models.

Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense™ shock absorbers’ OE evolved damper and hydraulic valve design make this product a market leading solution in today’s competitive environment.

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Monroe Shock Absorbers - Built to Last

  • Premium quality and durability
  • Manufactured with the latest technology
  • The No.1 supplier to OE manufacturers
  • Superior handling and ride performance
  • Specifically engineered for each application