Strut-Mate Mounting Kit

Designed by Monroe engineers to provide optimal fit and performance with Monroe Struts, strut mounts (or “bearing plates”) are critical components of vehicle suspension systems.

Strut mounts have replaced upper ball joints in strut-equipped vehicles, and are the pivot point of your vehicle’s suspension. This integral component, working together with the strut, helps isolate road vibrations and assists in smooth steering. Signs of worn strut mounts include unusual rumbling or grinding noises, increased vibration, and pulling or binding in the steering.

Reduce comebacks and increase customer satisfaction by replacing the strut mount with each strut replacement.


Strut-Mate Mounting Kits feature:

  • OE-style bearings
  • SAE-grade nuts and bolts
  • Superior rubber-to-steel bonding
  • Plated steel for longer wear
  • Manufacturing to OE specifications

Also included within the Strut-Mate line are:

  • Boots
  • Bumpers

Strut Mate Mounting Kit

Strut Mate Typical Part No. Series
Mounting Kit 9019XX – 9079XX, MK XXX