OE Spectrum shock absorbers

Monroe designs and selects the best technology

Featuring our latest global Original Equipment valving technologies, Monroe Shock Absorbers are designed with the right technology for each application to provide the optimum balance of improved control and superior comfort for increased driver confidence. Monroe Shock Absorbers are made with quality components and are built to last.

OESpectrum features

Monroe's Premium Product Features

  1. Multi-Lip Seals
  2. Teflon Coated Bronze Bearing
  3. Hard Chromed & Polished Piston Rod
  4. Teflon Banded Piston
  5. 'Multi Disc' Rebound Valve
  6. Cold Drawn Pressure Tube
  7. 'Multi Disc' Compression Valve


A Spectrum of Technology for Your Vehicle

Revolutionary, Patented New Monroe Valve Technologies

Monroe® R-TECH2® valve ①

  • Promotes smoother, more precise transition between damping control phases
  • Two sets of calibrated disks separated by an eccentric “Helical disk“, eliminated unwanted, abrupt changes in damping force.

Monroe ICV (Impact Control Valve) ②

  • Faster, more consistent response under conditions of high-compression stress
  • New valve more effectively withstands and responds to harsh impacts
  • “Clamp-disk” design with high-resistance, lightweight disks minimizes inertial forces making it more reactive.


The combination of Monroe® R-TECH2® and the ICV provides faster, highly progressive and more consistent response for exceptional control of grip, stability and vehicle handling. 

Monroe R-TECH2 valve


Senses and adjusts to road and driver inputs

  • Monroe’s Continuously Variable Semi-Active Suspension senses the road and driving conditions to independently adjust 4 dampers in real time for a more comfortable and controlled ride. ①
  • DIRECT FIT Replacement – no conversion kit, no compromise of original performance


Monroe’s Electronic Dampers provide a direct fit replacement on Monroe OE applications, maintaining the superior performance of these premium vehicles.

Monroe Electronic Technology

MONOTUBE Technology

  • Precise damping response for OE Equipped vehicles
  • The Monroe OESpectrum monotube shock absorber is engineered for superior, European-style ride performance. These units deliver an exceptional level of handling precision and vehicle stability

MULTI DISC Technology

  • Maximum durability and precise handling
  • Monroe OESpectrum shocks and struts with Mutti Disc technology have been precisely tuned to provide improved steering response and reduced body roll without any loss of comfort.

ASD Technology

  • Acceleration Sensitive Damping Technology
  • Monroe OESpectrum shocks and struts with ASD Technology provide an exceptional level of handling precision and control while filtering out noise, vibration and harshness experienced with rough, bumpy road conditions

TWIN DISC Technology

  • Twin Disc Damping Technology
  • Monroe’s Twin Disc Damping Technology breaks the compromise between handling and ride comfort by providing an additional stage of valving operation.

Monroe - Built to Last

  • Premium quality and durability
  • Manufactured with the latest technology
  • The No.1 supplier to OE manufacturers
  • Superior handling and ride performance
  • Specifically engineered for each application